The eco friendly fish farming solution

Designed for ordinary, exposed & offshore areas

OceanGlobe is a globular fish farming construction designed to be used in both ordinary, exposed and offshore locations. The shape gives optimum strength and stiffness against environmental forces such as waves, currents and wind.
The combination of a flexible anchoring and a globular shape provide a calm environment for the fish.
Buoyancy chambers in a surrounding horseshoe shaped working platform and a continuous centre pole makes it possible to elevate and submerge the complete fish farm.
The advantage with a submergible cage is that it is possible to farm fish in exposed and offshore areas.
The combination of a globular shape, composite materials and flexible anchoring provides optimum strength and flexibility.
The elevation function combined with rotation of the globular cage make cleaning and maintenance easy. The net can either be cleaned manually or buy only letting the wind and sun dry the net. This eliminates the use of copper impregnation of the net and therefore provides a major environmental improvement.
All parts of the cage can be maintained above water, use of divers is unnecessary.
The largest version of OceanGlobe a volume of about 40,000 m3
The construction is not only suitable for fish farming, but is also applicable for storage and transportation of wild fish, and as a special cage for storage and delivery of fish at fish processing factories.
OceanGlobe has four different operational positions.
  • Gate 1, nr 198, 6700 Måløy, Norge